Alex Berman Of Experiment 27 Generates Over $6.5 Million In B2B Sales

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Few entrepreneurs can say they have cold called their way into the offices of six fortune 500 companies. Alex Berman is one of them. Alex Berman is the co-founder and CEO of Experiment 27, a business that builds marketing teams for agencies to increase their leads and ultimately increase revenue. He decided to build his own team entirely focused on agency marketing – marketing for mobile app companies, branding, UX/UI and advertising, after becoming frustrated with vendors who promised results but did not deliver. He met his cofounder 2 years ago in 2015. Robert Indries originally worked for Alex, but 6 months in Alex approached him to be a cofounder.

Experiment 27 brands itself as a company that uses data driven marketing and search engine optimization to increase a client’s leads. Initially, they worked with smaller companies and issued 3 to 6 month marketing contracts. These companies were generating approximately ten thousand dollars a month in revenue, and Experiment 27 charged them around two to three thousand dollars to handle their marketing. As their business grew, so did their clients. Now they handle larger clients and issue one to three year contracts. Alex enjoys working with these clients more because they are very engaged in the process and understand that an effective long term strategy works better than a short term one designed for quick cash.

Experiment 27 grew from 14 to 150 leads per month within 6 months, resulting in 1 million dollars in closed business. Agencies seek boutique agencies to do marketing because they understand how to market better and create more value than a Chief Marketing Officer that a business would have to pay 150k a year for.

Alex Berman takes corporate culture seriously in his startup. He emphasizes that corporate culture is not just, “having ping pong table and going out to pizza”. He defines culture as the way employees interact. Experiment 27 has a culture based on individuality. Employees are encouraged to be the best they can in their job. He describes the culture as ‘digital nomad style’. People everywhere work toward the same goal, but in some cases never have even met.

The physical distance between employees does not indicate a lack of communication, however. 30 minute weekly meetings keep everyone on track, daily updates inform employees on progress on projects, and apps like Basecamp and Slack coordinate communication company wide.

Alex Berman comes from an entrepreneurial family; his parents sold colored medical gloves to make a living. He gives credit to Tim Ferris’ book “The 4 Hour Workweek” to launching his own dreams of entrepreneurship. After trying his hand at rewriting menus for restaurants, he eventually got a job at a mobile app development company and pivoted over to starting Experiment 27.

Alex’s team wins his clients customers by first reviewing the client’s web language, directories, agency positioning, and current lead generation channels. Using this information, he creates a marketing plan that will best suit their current situation. Alex uses his blog and his Youtube channel to bring more leads to his business. He started his Youtube channel four and a half years ago and it has built him a strong personal brand, a loyal following, and many hits to his website. He mostly posts videos helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Viewers are greeted with a futuristic intro and Alex speaking plainly into a camera dressed in a t- shirt. A master of marketing, Alex connects with his audience on a more personal level as he gives them advice on how to become successful.

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