The Amazon AWS S3 Server Is Down. These Are Our Reactions.

amazon server

Here at Owner’s Magazine, we rely heavily on some of the websites that were affected by the Amazon AWS S3 server. Because we cannot communicate or do anything for that matter, we decided to comb the internet to find the best reactions to give you a taste of how we feel. Enjoy.

Our initial reaction

But seriously, what is happening

amazon server

Everything is going to be fine…

amazon server

When five minutes have passed and you can’t use Slack or Trello


That moment you want you have to talk to that person in the office you’ve been avoiding for months

When you look at your friend in the office and they feel your pain

When people come up to your desk and ask if the servers are down

The face you make when you head to the water cooler and everyone is there

The feeling of talking to everyone in the office

Time to hide…forever


Don’t worry, tomorrow will be a new day and it will all go back to normal…


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