Chatterblast: From Flip Cup Champions To Digital Strategists


From famously unique events like the Charity Flip Cup Tournament, Blobfest, or even Chowderblast, the Philadelphia tri-state area are very familiar with Matthew Ray and Evan Urbania. Both Matthew and Evan are not invested in just that alone though, their company Chatterblast is a growing firm located in Center City Philly that holds exclusive focus on guiding others through the world of social media. The company provides service in creative development, strategizing, and training. Their motive is to help companies generate a voice through social media, viral marketing, and media/public relations. Their deal is to build a more established framework for companies through the media. Due to the grip technology has in the position of our society, it is imperative that we all use social media to our own advantage. Chatterblast recognizes just that and makes it as though it is not a privilege to get their help, but a must. Seeing that many businesses are misguided in how to effectively navigate social media to their own use, this growing company is the solution.


As technology platforms such as Twitter and Facebook rise, society evolves how we communicate through digital devices. What we release online concludes the number of followers we will have, but if you want to be popular through these devices then there are some techniques to obtain. Chatterblast has a guideline that you must follow online; One, be comfortable with change, trends tend to mutate overtime. Take for instance, memes, they eventually die out and fashion in itself solely produce trends. That is because it has all been overused, people will start searching for new features. Accept that change is crucial in development. Secondly, learn to be multi-talented. Expertise in areas such as; photography, design, and visuals. You should bring something to the table, social media is tricky and does not have one established focus. The last thing to remember is to grasp the understanding that communication is vital. So converse with your audience but more specifically, learn to identify them. Get a chance to emphasize who your target audience is and what they are looking for.  


Co-founders Evan and Matthew are entrepreneurs. Their organic pursuit, however, is in teaching. Many of you may know Matthew Ray from his lectures on social media marketing at Temple University in Philadelphia. “Social media is about creating content that the audience wants,” explains Matthew.  “It’s the closest thing to live theater.” For the co-founder of Chatterblast to understand social media’s purpose, his expertise in this is shown. Likewise, their main task is to innovate and revolutionize what is known as marketing. Chatterblast sees a lot of potential in social media, allowing it to take the lead.

This new modernized version of marketing and strategic advertising will take time to settle in. My generation is ready to adapt, with millennials being the key factor to this revolution, we are shifting this idea to other generations as well. Social media is a tool for entertainment, though it’s significance isn’t in that alone, but in the ability to create a community online. With that advantage, businesses like Chatterblast take creative advertising online with the idea to expand social media into the business realm. A plan that is of high relevance for today.


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