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10 Ways Education Is Moving Into The Digital Age



digital age

Now that we’re moving to the digital age, it seems that anything we need to find out is available on the internet and accessed through smartphone or computer. Things aren’t what they used to be and even education is headed to the digital age. Here are some examples of how the digital age is changing education.

1. Tablets

Books nowadays are being replaced by e-books or their digital equivalent. There is no need to go to the bookstore. All you need to do to access school books is a username and password. This is actually a godsend to many children because they don’t need to carry heavy books that can take up precious space in their lockers and bags. They can simply bring the tablet to class and read digital versions of their books.

2. Test Papers

Since books are digital, so are test papers. Teachers don’t need to print individual test papers for students during an exam. He or she just needs to post a test paper on the school website and kids can answer them in school or at home depending on the teacher’s instruction. This can be cost-effective in the long run since schools don’t need to buy paper to print test papers. The same can also be done for assignments.

Test papers can also be printed directly from the tablet. If the classroom has a Bluetooth printer for example, the teacher can print the test paper and students can physically answer them in the classroom.

3. Digital Projects

Children do not need to meet in person to do projects anymore. They can collaborate and work through the internet. Teachers can assign homework or projects and students can complete them though chatting with each other on the web. The project can be submitted in person or saved in the internet to be downloaded by the teacher for checking.

4. Virtual Library

There is no need to troop off to the library every time you need to do research. Just boot your computer to access the internet and libraries like Wikipedia or Encarta. The latest version of the latter can be downloaded for free so that users can access it online. This makes researching more convenient for students because they don’t need to leave their classrooms or houses to access information for their homework.

5. Teleconferencing

Many students, teachers and parents are taking advantage of the internet to teleconference with each other. This is a good tool not only for mentoring and tutoring but also for parents to monitor their child’s academic needs. This is a very useful tool for parents who cannot attend Parent-Teacher-Conferences due to busy schedules or other commitment. This way they can still check on their kids with their teachers in a convenient way.

6. Electronic Grading

Parents want to know how their kids are doing in school and can access their report card through the internet. With this kind of technology, there will be no need to physically come to class to get their printed report card since they can simply log into the school’s website to access their children’s grades. This makes for better assessment and feedback.

7. Digital Field Trips

Just as there is no need to troop to the library, students can enjoy digital field trips in the comfort of their classrooms. Instead of paying for an expensive trip to go to the city to visit the museum, students can immerse themselves in various exhibits through high resolution digital photos and presentations of the originals.

8. Better Simulation

The digital age also means better simulation and models for children. For example, they can build virtual greenhouses and see their plants grow under different circumstances that their teacher or they themselves can control. They can observe how molecules behave under different conditions or how different chemicals react to each other.

9. Global Learning

Students can now learn another language by conversing with a native speaker with websites like Students from other countries learn from each other by teleconferencing. Learning with a native speaker is a great way to learn a new language because it fosters social interaction while learning about a new culture.

10. Epistemic Games

Epistemic games put students into different roles that ask them to solve real life world problems. Students can be engineers, city-planners or journalists. Immersing students in adult-world situations can help them learn important concepts.

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First Tech Startup to join Camden NJ




First Tech Startup to join Camden NJ

Penji is a new tech startup who recently launched in Camden NJ. Instead of having costly all-inclusive packages that design agencies typically offer, Penji offers unlimited graphic design, unlimited revisions, at a flat monthly rate. The startup launched on October 21st 2017, a day after Camden Catalyst, a startup pitch competition hosted by Waterfront Ventures to bring startups into the city.

camden nj


Penji solves a unique problem that startups, small businesses, and agencies tend to have. According to Penji, startups and small business owners spend too much of their time attempting to design their own marketing materials, logos, business cards, etc. And even if they hire a company or a freelancer to help them, it often costs quite a bit more than they originally thought. 

” It’s a huge time waster. And that’s why we created Penji, to solve that graphic design problem for startups and small businesses.” – Johnathan Grzybowski (Cofounder)

Penji’s unique mission

Penji also has a unique mission. The startup plans to be one of the first community conscious startups to plant their flag in Camden NJ. For Penji, being a community conscious startup means giving back to their community on a consistent basis and in ways that truly helps their community. The startup plans to offer jobs and opportunities specifically for students and residents in Camden. Their goal is to hire as many talents as they can from the city with the hope of keeping those talents in Camden. Camden is home to major school institutions such as Rutgers, Rowan, Camden County, and Cooper. Despite having these big names investing in the city, few job opportunities currently exist for students graduating from any of these 4 colleges.

“The only way to successfully revitalize Camden sustainably is if our students are willing to stay in the city and invest in the city themselves. And they can only do that if there are good paying jobs available in Camden. Currently there aren’t many available, and we plan to change that.”- Khai Tran


The startup already hired 4 students from Camden and have plans to hire more as they grow in Camden. Things are definitely looking up for Camden NJ as the interests for startups are growing from surrounding cities. The Camden city has been struggling with bringing in new businesses for the past few decades and many efforts have been put forth to revitalize the city. Things may be different this time around if enough startup companies join Penji in Camden and invest in the city.

Melissa Le (office manager of Waterfront Lab, Camden’s very own co-working space) is optimistic that Camden will be revitalized this time around.

“We’re feeling good about Camden’s revitalization and we know it will be successful if enough key industries get involved. Having major companies such as American Water, Holtec, and Subaru is a great start, however we need more interests from startups and small businesses to make Camden’s growth sustainable.”




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Marketing Lingo you need to know for 2018



7 Marketing Lingo you need to know for 2018. If you own a small business, chances are you’re wondering how you’re going to market yourself.  Looking online you’re going to find quite a few article and resources for marketing, most of them coming from marketing company themselves.  Give or take an hour of research and you’re pretty much ready to quit because there’s too many options and because you’re not a part of the marketing or digital marketing world, all the lingo being used such as SEM, SEO, Digital Marketing, etc. becomes overbearing. That’s ok, we’ve created a short guide for you to follow that will help you better understand the world of Digital Marketing. These are the essential keywords and lingoes in digital marketing that you’ll need in order to navigate marketing information.

SEO (Common marketing lingo)

The first is the most common marketing lingo. Search Engine Optimization.  This is a service that many digital marketing agencies provide to help get more people to come to your website via an organic search result.  When someone online searches for a keyword that your business represent, your website will come up on the front page.  They will then click on your link and be directed to your website.  This doesn’t guarantee business, but it does increase the likelihood of you getting more leads and sales.


Search Engine Marketing.  This service is similar to SEO because it rely on you getting good rankings on the 1st page of Search Engines.  The difference is that SEM depends heavily on paid advertisements to get you there instead of appearing there organically.  You know those ads on top and on the side?  Those are probably the works of an SEM Campaign. Learn more about Search Engine Marketing here. 


Paid Per Click.  How SEM does it’s work is through a Google service known as Paid Per Click.  This is where you pay Google to place your business on the front page in the form of an advertisement.  Whenever someone clicks on the advertisement, you pay google a small fee (anywhere between 50 cents to $20 depending on keyword and competition).


Social Media Marketing.  The goal for this is to deliver traffic to your website via Social Media.  Depending on your business certain social media platforms may be better suited for you.  A clothing/retail business may benefit more from Instagram and Pinterest than Twitter for example. Learn how to maximize your social media’s effectiveness here. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad spectrum of online marketing services.  Typically a Digital Marketing campaign will include more than one services to accomplish a goal, whether it be branding or simply more traffic and customers.  Digital Marketing can include SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and many other online-related marketing services.  Typically it doesn’t include direct mail, bill boards, or bus wraps.


This marketing lingo stands for Cost Per Click and is most common with Google’s Pay Per Click model. However many other advertising platforms also utilize CPC to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. Cost per click simply means how much does it cost you every time someone clicks on your promoted ad. Usually you want the CPC to be low, that way you won’t have to pay more for people clicking on you ads.


This is a confusing marketing lingo because it could mean a lot of things. Conversion could mean the rate at which someone goes onto your website and then converts to become a customer. Your formula would be Sales conversion / Visitors. However Conversion can be something completely different if you’re advertising on Google, Facebook, of Instagram. Conversion doesn’t mean sales on your website, it could mean simply someone converting and eventually browsing to a desired page on your website, however not necessarily making any transaction. Learn about social media conversion here. 

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Low Cost Business Ideas



Low Cost Business Ideas

Here are some low cost business ideas to feed the entrepreneur inside you. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need thousands of dollars to start your own business. If you want to make it as an entrepreneur, what you really need is determination and patience in order to survive the business world. If you’re looking for low cost business ideas, you’ve come to the right place because we have some brilliant ideas you can cash in on.

1. Ride Sharing Service

Thanks to platforms like Uber, ridesharing services are becoming popular worldwide. If you already have a car, you can start this business without shelling out a dime. If all goes well you can turn your ride sharing service into a chauffeur service, or hire other subcontractors to launch your own brand.

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