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Sensoria is the perfect usage for both exercising and monitoring. The technology infused fashion garment is the solution to how we should be exercising in the future. With a heart rate monitor that will advise you on your current heart rate for that exercise, to an AI coach that will guide you through your foot landing techniques, Sensoria has made it easier for us to exercise. Products like Sensoria wearables are promoting the movement on more exercise.

Overworking is harmful, yet, we can’t seem to escape this habit. Our jobs are destined to result in chronic stress. We apply more hours due to ambition or a sense of duty. This strengthens productivity, however, can result in poor health. Whether it is desk work, talking to clients, or answering emails, stress can appear in any situation. Luckily, there is a natural remedy to reduce your stress level. From simple exercise, you can maintain good mental health. Your physical activity can have a positive effect on your mood by relieving all sorts of negative tension. Unknowingly, when stressed, your body tenses up in preparation of the physiological responses, fight or flight. By exercising, the activity relaxes the muscles for you. Additionally, due to a raise in heart rate, you can reverse damages to the brain that are caused by stress. These brain related stress symptoms are projects that go unnoticed. The most known features though, stems from memory loss and depression. These are traits that can damage your career if go untreated. The fastest and long-lasting solution is through excessive physical activity.

Yet, ambitious workers refuse to believe stress does any harm. Ever since occupational stress has been identified as a ‘global epidemic’ by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization, the economic consequences deepens. Work related stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $200 billion per year in lower productivity, staff turnover, work compensation, and other stress-related expenses. Sources of stress may vary, stressful events that are related to the workplace are behind the business readjustments, altered responsibilities, and many more. Considering stress management to be businesses’ most important challenge of the 21st century. Due to that, mass production of remedies are undergo to reduce stress levels. In the rise of workout plans or even tech wearables, they are all in support for exercise as they see the huge benefit in it.

With Sensoria, the wearables are uniquely attached to a heart rate monitor that is already registered to the Sensoria Run App. The iOS device features Mara, an AI coach who provides feedback to help you follow a training plan, as well as improve form and performance. Most importantly though, their task is to reduce the risk of injuries. The HRM is there for support, for excellent and even inexperienced athletes, however you identify yourself. The exercise would be useless if you aren’t doing the workouts correctly. Feedback from HRM can keep you notified on the type of exercises you’re doing to help reach your goal. Measuring the work-rate of your heart is the most accurate method of determining how much you’re benefiting from your workout. For inexperienced athletes, HRMs can help prevent you from pushing too hard all at once. Without awareness, you will burn yourself out for several days from overtraining. Exercise has its fallbacks, so by becoming self-aware, the safe route out will benefit your health drastically.

This experience can be for both men and women. The heart rate monitor is adjustable on all upper garments of Sensoria wearables. Colors are offered in red, black, and  Sensoria allows everyone to get involved in the revolutionary wear by allowing the computer-like garment to be breathable. Though it is a tech wear, it’s still open to be machine washable once the heart rate monitor is removed.


The most rewarded product is not for their heart rate monitor, but within their new goods. In their new feature of the smart sock, the product has won numerous awards that indicates, ‘Best New Wearable Technology Device’ by IDTechEX and Cool Vendors in Wearable Electronics, 2014 by Gartner. Standing out from the other Sensoria wears, your virtual coach gives audio and video real-time feedback when you pair your bluetooth enabled anklet with the Sensoria Run app. Their role is to help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces, and foot landing. With the additional AI coaching and dashboard tracking on the app. You can track what you’re doing wrong in order to improve, since the technology is dedicated to monitoring your footsteps. The socks produce a wealth of feedback with your pace, speed, and uniquely, your foot landing

Studies have shown that self-esteem increases once exercise becomes a regular task. This benefit can be shown through various situations, especially the workplace. Confidence can define a people’s character. It takes simple exercise to see all different kinds of changes, whether it’s internally or externally. Stress has to be dealt with in order to grow, so products like Sensoria are built to achieve that.


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