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Tech Backpack – Macbook Pro Touch Bar, Saent, and Moshi Accessories



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What’s in a tech backpack?

Whether you are traveling or just heading into work, you are probably used to being a Swiss Army knife of sorts. Backpacks are an essential asset for technophiles, but maybe your high school Jansport isn’t what it use to be. These days, we have to carry around thousands of dollars worth of equipment, so it is no surprise that we want our contents to be safe traveling from point A to point B.

helios moshi

First we need a backpack. Moshi created a backpack to fit the everyday techie lifestyle. The Helios is large enough to fit a 15″ laptop with plenty of room for books, gadgets, and a water bottle. Amazingly lightweight and durable, it features fully padded compartments to protect those costly items of yours. With magnetic closures straps and side pockets for easy access to your phone, it’s highly convenient and easy to maneuver during stressful situations. The rear Napoleon pocket is perfect for valuables like your wallet, passport, and boarding pass. The Helios backpack has a water repellent coating to protect against rain and snow. It’s slim silhouette is perfect for the style conscious who are seeking a premium backpack. The backpack is amazing for the everyday user. It is comfortable and sleek with just enough pockets to house all your items. Here are a few things we stuffed inside the Helios.



helios moshi

1. Laptop

The 15″ Macbook Pro slid in comfortably with a little wiggle room to spare. Rest assured, the additional padding surrounding the laptop will keep it safe and cozy during travel.

2. Notebooks

Being able to write down notes by hand is always good no matter where you are. It looks professional and gives you something to do with your hands. If you need a creative outlet along with a place to put your thoughts, Droodle Books might be the notebook for you.

3. Phone

It is almost impossible to leave the house without our cell phone without having an anxiety attack. The iPhone 7 Plus fit nicely in the side pocket for easy access.

4. Multiport Adapter

If you’re a techie, you are always prepared with extra dongles and accessories. Moshi’s USB-C Multiport Adapter allows you to connect additional peripherals to your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 laptop.

5. Saent

Focus is important, but not everyone has it. Saent is a self described “magic button” that blocks out distractions, including your social media accounts, websites, text messages, and other alerts you may be getting throughout the day. An essential for the moving entrepreneur, it sits in one of the interior pockets, ready to work when you are.

6. Snacks

Constant travel can be straining for you and your empty stomach. Having some B UP protein bars in your backpack will come in handy during those busy days when you don’t have immediate access to a hearty meal.

7. Cables

Having the new Macbook Pro has its own responsibilities. Without a USB port, you’ll need a small adapter like the Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter and maybe some extra cables just in case. Let’s face it, USB’s will be around for awhile, so having these extra dongles around is necessary.

8. Sunglasses

The sun doesn’t set on deadlines.

9. Portable Battery

That extra charge is important, especially when your phone is at its last bar. Just as sleek as the Helios backpack, Moshi’s IonBank 5k portable battery is slim and stylish. The beauty of the IonBank is that it carries its own hideaway cables, so you don’t have to hold more than you already have to.

Jie writes about influencers and startups in various industries. She is a designer turned techie, and when she is not writing, you can find her in her workshop working on her next big project.


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Here are requirements to qualify to be featured in article:

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First Tech Startup to join Camden NJ




First Tech Startup to join Camden NJ

Penji is a new tech startup who recently launched in Camden NJ. Instead of having costly all-inclusive packages that design agencies typically offer, Penji offers unlimited graphic design, unlimited revisions, at a flat monthly rate. The startup launched on October 21st 2017, a day after Camden Catalyst, a startup pitch competition hosted by Waterfront Ventures to bring startups into the city.

camden nj


Penji solves a unique problem that startups, small businesses, and agencies tend to have. According to Penji, startups and small business owners spend too much of their time attempting to design their own marketing materials, logos, business cards, etc. And even if they hire a company or a freelancer to help them, it often costs quite a bit more than they originally thought. 

” It’s a huge time waster. And that’s why we created Penji, to solve that graphic design problem for startups and small businesses.” – Johnathan Grzybowski (Cofounder)

Penji’s unique mission

Penji also has a unique mission. The startup plans to be one of the first community conscious startups to plant their flag in Camden NJ. For Penji, being a community conscious startup means giving back to their community on a consistent basis and in ways that truly helps their community. The startup plans to offer jobs and opportunities specifically for students and residents in Camden. Their goal is to hire as many talents as they can from the city with the hope of keeping those talents in Camden. Camden is home to major school institutions such as Rutgers, Rowan, Camden County, and Cooper. Despite having these big names investing in the city, few job opportunities currently exist for students graduating from any of these 4 colleges.

“The only way to successfully revitalize Camden sustainably is if our students are willing to stay in the city and invest in the city themselves. And they can only do that if there are good paying jobs available in Camden. Currently there aren’t many available, and we plan to change that.”- Khai Tran


The startup already hired 4 students from Camden and have plans to hire more as they grow in Camden. Things are definitely looking up for Camden NJ as the interests for startups are growing from surrounding cities. The Camden city has been struggling with bringing in new businesses for the past few decades and many efforts have been put forth to revitalize the city. Things may be different this time around if enough startup companies join Penji in Camden and invest in the city.

Melissa Le (office manager of Waterfront Lab, Camden’s very own co-working space) is optimistic that Camden will be revitalized this time around.

“We’re feeling good about Camden’s revitalization and we know it will be successful if enough key industries get involved. Having major companies such as American Water, Holtec, and Subaru is a great start, however we need more interests from startups and small businesses to make Camden’s growth sustainable.”




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0 – 100 With Peter Hwang CEO of Bite App Inc.



bite app inc.

0 – 100 With Peter Hwang CEO of Bite App Inc. Exclusive interviewed Peter Hwang, current CEO of Bite App Inc., a startup company based in Philadelphia that’s changing the way you discover your next meal.

“Bite is a mobile app that makes deciding what to eat easy by mitigating the time and energy required to evaluate a restaurant dish. It also provides a platform for users to share useful, concise reviews that help improve others’ dining experiences.”


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