Secrets to Getting consistent Sales

getting consistent sales

Whats the secret to getting consistent sales? No matter what company you’re in, Sales is your oxygen.  Without sales, your company can’t function and unfortunately most companies don’t focus or invest into their sales until it’s too late.  So what are some top strategies successful companies utilize to getting consistent sales before they need it?

Getting consistent sales by Building a Stronger Network

Getting consistent sales doesn’t happen automatically.  For larger accounts, it often is best to start with referrals and be introduced organically to your prospect instead of cold calling.  And in order for that to happen, it’s often best to have a strong network of friends and peers that’s well connected and can help you make those connections.  If you’re not already using LinkedIn, now’s a good time to start. Check out this article to learn more about how to properly network.

Focusing on Weekly Results

A good sales team doesn’t just focus on the collective efforts that’s put into the week.  You probably have several sales reps that believes keeping themselves busy and active throughout the week is a good indicator of their sales success, but that just doesn’t translate.  In order to run a successful sales organization, your team needs to focus more on the tangible weekly results instead of staying busy.  Keep your team result oriented and have weekly results to see if each member is achieving their goal or not.

Do The Unnatural/Uncomfortable

Does your team procrastinate when it comes to cold calling and prospecting?  Do they often resort to easier strategies instead of doing the uncomfortable to win big?  Good sales people are engineered differently and they often seek to do the most uncomfortable thing first to clear the way for everything else.  Get your team into the habit of doing ONE thing each day that they’re normally uncomfortable with.  Just make sure they’re staying well within the confines of your state and federal laws. For a good morning routine, check out this article.

Under-promise Over Deliver

No one likes to be lied to.  And no one likes to be promised something and have it delivered sub-par.  It’s often easy to over promise a customer just to get the sales in and be over enthusiastic about it.  Be more realistic and honest with your customer and lay out all the unknowns and what they’re REALLY going to get.  They will trust you more and can feel your sincerity.  Now after that’s done, make sure your team over deliver.  Your client will be 10x happier and be more likely to refer you.

Ask Directly

If you want the sale, ASK FOR IT.  Ask your client “Are you ready to begin today?  I can have the paperwork ready in 30 mins”.  Don’t be shy or give your client too much time to think over everything.  You want the sale, go for the sale.  It won’t happen unless you push for it. You’ll find more prospecting strategies in this article here.

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