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How To Leverage Social Media As A Word Of Mouth Tool

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The next step in leveraging social media is to make sure you have you online platform set up. I personally recommend Facebook when attempting to drum up word of mouth referrals because of the demographic is a bit older and it’s seen as a more common practice. Without a page for your business, you leave little reason for a customer to post about you, and even if they did no one would be able to easily learn more about your business without a page for them to visit. When setting up a business page, remember to add relevant contact information and a little bit about the work you do.

Most TV or internet service providers offer deals like a free iPad, a percentage off of a bill, or even straight up cash when you refer a friend. They are incentivizing you to bring them more business with freebies. It only makes sense to do the same except for a simple post on their Facebook. Offer a small discount for their next purchase, a free appetizer, drinks, whatever it may be understand that while it’s not always directly measurable results will ensue.

A great example of this type of advertising recently occurred when the swim suit company, Sunny Co Clothing offered a free swimsuit to those everyone who posted This picture below and tagged the company. The result: Sunny Co Clothing’s Instagram followers skyrocketed from 7000 to over 750,000 in just a few days and thousands of participants flooding Instagram with the picture of the “red swimsuit girl”. Even Sunny Co did not expect the extremely viral response to their promotion as evident when they added the following stipulation: “reserves the right to cap the promotion … due to the viral volume of participants.” in addition, Sunny Co warned that processing and shipping orders would most likely be delayed due to the “overwhelming volume of orders.”

If you don’t like the idea of offering a deal to each customer individually, then perhaps a single contest/giveaway is the way to go. Running a contest is a great way to get more page likes, referrals, reviews, basically anything imaginable for your online platform. Setting up a contest is easy. Just choose an item your fans and their friends will find valuable, take a free meal for two for example, and offer an entrance in a drawing to win in exchange for them tagging a few of their friends in the comments. This can create a viral cycle of more and more people seeing your contest and your business.

The most obvious and maybe overlooked way of generating word of mouth advertising on social media is directly reaching out to your fans. Look for those who have recently left beaming reviews on your page or posted about a good experience they had on your wall. 

Hunter Eastland

Hunter is the founder and CEO of Next Social Media Marketing, a Nashville based Digital Marketing agency. He pushes the world forward with innovation and is looking to do so on a grand scale. They helps small businesses increase sales and brand awareness online. 

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