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League Of Legends – Team Liquid Co-CEO Steven Arhancet Interview



team liquid

Team LiquidWith the first gaming tournaments occurring in 1972, eSports has grown beyond the imagination of anyone in that time. When the first League of Legends World Championship took place, it attracted 1.7 million unique viewers. 1.7 million is a large amount of people to watch a gaming tournament, but the 2016 League of Legends World Championship lured in 14.7 million unique viewers. In the span of five years, the viewership multiplied almost ten times and the prize pool for the players went up from $100,000 to $5,000,000. With the scene evolving rapidly, who knows what’s in store for this season. Steven Arhancet is the Co-CEO of the eSports company Team Liquid and a gaming enthusiast. Steven Arhancet has always been an entrepreneur, even when he was young with a lemonade business on his street. Steven Arhancet always loved playing games and spent most of his time doing so. Steven, or as the gaming community knows him “liquid112”, began his gaming interest playing Oregon Trail and Civilization 1. His gaming career started with Civilization IV. In the game, Steven Arhancet owned the competitive team Team XXX. When League of Legends was released, he expanded Team XXX into League of Legends. Steven Arhancet did not play competitively for too long before he stepped down and became the Director of eSports for Curse and later departing and partnering with Team Liquid.

There is no doubt that Steven Arhancet knows what he is doing and does it well. Knowing what it is like to be a professional gamer helps him understand what his players need and how to treat them.

League of Legends

What is a day like as the CEO of Team Liquid?

My day starts around 8:00 am and I go and get Starbucks on my way over to the office to dive right into emails. We aren’t just an esports team, we are an agency and a production company. Team Liquid’s other CEO is in Europe so they have about a 4 hour head start. I go to crossfit 3-4 days a week and it kicks my butt but I have to stay in shape. We have our scrims so I’m there to make sure everything goes accordingly and if there are no scrims, I check my emails again or go to company meetings. I get home around 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm and sit down and play a game or two of League of Legends and then it’s time for bed.

What was it like switching from Curse to Team Liquid?

With Team Curse it was mainly just League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and a little bit of Counter Strike, but we weren’t really in there. I was running a lot of the process at Curse so when we split I already knew a lot of what to do. One of the hardest parts was learning how to run a company with somebody else. I didn’t even know that a Co-CEO was a thing, I had to Google it. It is a different experience because we both have responsibilities and we have to exchange the information. Having a Co-CEO is a lot like getting married at first, complimenting each other at what we were good at, pointing out our flaws and rounding everything out, but that change was huge. Within the first year, we went from 1 million viewable hours to 5 million viewable hours, introduced 4 new teams, and increased our website traffic.

What made you want to become a part of Team Liquid?

When we split with Curse I had two options:

1. Make a completely new team and start from the ground up

2. Merge with an existing team and save myself all that trouble and start right away

It was a clear option to merge with an existing team to make it easier and get our team situated to start their practice.

How has eSports changed you life?

Esports has been a realization of a hobby that became incredibly lucrative. I remember playing Civilization 1 on a floppy disk and my parents yelling at me to get off the computer. I would want to go to class so badly just so I could play Oregon Trail. On top of that, I have always been entrepreneurial. I was always the kid with a lemonade stand trying to make money. I had a separate backpack because I would burn songs onto CD’s and sell them to kids for $20. When the opportunity came up and I could start a professional gaming team and make money doing it, there was no turning it down. It’s a passion that very few get to experience, and I love doing it.

Do you ever miss being a Pro Gamer?

If my skills were still up to par with the professional level then yes, absolutely. I would love to be a pro gamer again, but the reality is that I’m not as good as I used to be and the amount of time it would take to regain those skills is not worth it. My skill set has changed over the years from a professional gamer to running a company, and that is just the way it is.

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Why Amazon’s Second Headquarters Should Choose Northern Virginia



Amazon’s second headquarters

Among the top 20 shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters, Northern, Virginia is not a stranger to the massive tech company. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have frequently conducted business in the region. Bezos is known to own The Washington Post and Amazon’s cloud service AWS is situated in a huge data center in the northern Virginia region. It is no surprise that Northern, VA is listed on the list. This region proved to be a safe home for Bezos’ businesses, it would only make sense that Northern, VA is the next home for HQ2.

While the nation waits for the announcements of Amazon’s second headquarters, speculations rise as Amazon employees crowd The local news-source for Arlington Virginia have reported major traffic from an internal Amazon site. The article reporting the county’s green building council had received over 6,000 page views and 3,500 visitors from an Amazon web page that is only visible to Amazon employees. Amazon’s interest in the community’s dedication to sustainability is predicted to help the company’s future development of a sustainable building of their own.

The area is surrounded by copious international airports including Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, and Richmond International Airport for Amazon’s consideration  of transportation. The bid for Amazon had reports of the Hub property as a potential site for Amazon’s second headquarters. This 85-acre undeveloped location is near the Dulles Airport, perfect for Amazon’s demands.

Amazon’s second headquarters

Amazon announced that they are developing a second headquarter of up to 8 million square feet in order to accommodate 50,000 workers. The plan to bring in 50,000 lucrative jobs to the new location will create billions of dollars in investment for the community. This opportunity for economic expansion does not come often, but neither does a perfect business location in Northern Virginia that is close to Bezos’ other businesses.

A possible site for Amazon’s second headquarters is on the border of Fairfax and Loudoun counties along Metro’s Silver Line. “We are very excited that Northern Virginia is included on the short list as a potential location for Amazon’s second headquarters,” spoke the chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova. “Fairfax and Loudoun counties are able to offer a great quality of life coupled with an innovative and business friendly culture for future Amazon corporate neighbors and employees. With our highly educated and talented workforce and a location close to Dulles International Airport and a new Silver Line train station, we hope we will have the opportunity to welcome Amazon HQ2 to Virginia.”

Small businesses and agencies within Virginia are able share their professional insight to Amazon now as well. This is why Amazon HQ2 Should Choose Virginia.

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Why The Second Amazon Headquarters Should Choose Toronto



Second Amazon Headquarters

Amazon is considering their first international city for their second Amazon headquarters. The bids for HQ2 have reached Mexican regions too but the tech company have their eyes on Toronto. Prior to this announcement, Toronto has been established as a major technology center. Their advancement will only grow from here, perhaps even more when Amazon arrives.

The city reported that they are not offering Amazon much financial incentives, but is offering a 100-acre land as a potential site for their second Amazon headquarters that is approximately close to downtown Toronto. Although this site is outside of the United States border, Toronto is the best option for the innovative company.

The mayor of Toronto, John Troy expressed how proud he was of the city when Toronto attracted Amazon without offering significant tax breaks. Toronto does not have to resort to selling themselves for the second Amazon headquarters, unlike other competitors on the top 20 shortlist. Toronto is already home to a significant Google engineering operation, a major artificial research center and quantum computing institute. Due to the massive influence in technology, there are plans to direct Toronto’s waterfront into a massive tech-city for the near future. This environment will foster Amazon and future companies moving to Toronto.

 Second Amazon Headquarters

The second Amazon headquarters require proximity to a metropolitan area with a large population for employment, mass transit, an area that is 45 minutes from an international airport, and an 8-million-square-foot facility that will eventually expand to 740,000 square metres over the next decade. Toronto would be an ideal location to attract talent from overseas. This move will put Amazon’s name outside of the United States and begin their serious international affairs. North America acknowledged the massive tech company’s capability when Jeff Bezos was announced as the richest man alive in 2017. After Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dethrones Bill Gates, the entrepreneur should look to invest in talent from overseas. This plan can start with a move to Toronto for the second Amazon headquarters.

Toronto holds a strong quality of life. Canada is notorious for their free healthcare, something that the United States is lacking. The affordable area is attractive to employees. “We’re excited to have this opportunity and to be able to tell Toronto’s unique story,” told John Troy. “There is no other place in North America that can boast the same talent, the same quality of life, the same vibrancy, the same economic strength.”

Small businesses and agencies within Toronto are able share their professional insight to Amazon now as well. This is why Amazon HQ2 Should Choose Toronto.

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Why The Second Amazon Headquarters Should Choose Raleigh



Raleigh, North Carolina has been in the spotlight ever since they were listed on the top 20 short-list for the second Amazon headquarters. North Carolina’s capital city is currently competing against 19 other cities for HQ2. Although this was an unexpected city to reach the list, Raleigh is one of the few that makes sense. Raleigh is also definitely the city that Amazon should choose.

The bid for the second Amazon headquarters from Raleigh, North Carolina have been kept private currently, while other cities have publicly announced the billion dollar tax break to Amazon if they were picked. Raleigh is the only city that does not need to buy their way to Amazon’s heart like Newark’s $7 billion financial incentives. 

Raleigh is often scored first for best quality of life due to the thriving tech community. The monthly median house price is $1,051 with an average commute time of 26 minutes. This offer is not detected anywhere in New York, New York. Additionally, the weather of North Carolina is the ideal condition for transportation and living. Traffic is often not heavy, as compared to other cities on the top 20 shortlist. The area is simply a comfortable region to expand and conduct business nationally.

The city already accommodates tech companies like Citrix and Red Hat. The region is not new to working with tech, even to one as massive as Amazon. Possible sites include the Wake, Durham, and Chatham counties for the second Amazon headquarters if they are chosen. Second Amazon Headquarters

Amazon’s arrival will grow the job market and expand the city’s economy through technology advancement. Even if Amazon does not pick Raleigh, the city is rapidly expanding already. “Raleigh is a thriving community that would be attractive for any business, large or small,” Mayor Nancy McFarlane said. “We are proud of the investments and partnerships we’ve made that enhance our many attributes, such as our world-class university system, well-trained workforce, diverse economy, strong infrastructure and emerging entrepreneurial spirit.”

The absolute advantage that Amazon has is the potential tax reimbursement for up to 100% of the new jobs created for the next 25 years. The second Amazon headquarters would be given about $50 million for infrastructure in rail access, water, and more. Additionally, the tech company could be qualified for another program called the One North Carolina Fund for $5,000 per year in the next 5 years.

Small businesses and agencies within Raleigh are able share their professional insight to Amazon now as well. Many advocate for Amazon to choose Raleigh and they even share what the community has to offer. 

“The thought of Amazon potentially bringing 50,000 new jobs to The Triangle excites me. The Triangle is always on the US best places to live list. It has a wealth of restaurants, great schools including three colleges, and great accessibility from all of the US. I think the installation of this type of business would have an even greater effect across the community as other companies would then also be attracted by the area”. -Neil Boyd of Neil Boyd Photography INC.  This is why Amazon HQ2 Should Choose Raleigh.

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