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10 Ways You’re Being Unprofessional




It takes more than looking like a professional to be a professional. Wearing a suit like a lawyer, CEO or politician does not make you professional. It is about attitude and behavior. Being professional means doing what you say, saying what you mean and getting the job done. Some people automatically label things or situations they don’t want to deal with as unprofessional. Some examples include use of foul language in the workplace, office romances and other situations. However, employees are human beings so this kind of behavior is to be expected.

To be labeled as a professional, you need to do the right thing even if it costs you money and effort. Here are some examples of being unprofessional.

Being Unresponsive

Some people ignore calls, emails, texts and other forms of communication to avoid dealing with a problematic situation. However, nobody said that work would be easy. Being unresponsive to co-workers or superiors could lead to more problems like delays and miscommunication. Employees are paid to do a certain job and this sometimes includes dealing with uncomfortable situations.


Sometimes people blame external factors or other people for situations they create. This is immature and could cause problems for co-workers. Also, problems that are blamed on other factors don’t get solved immediately which in turn creates more problems.

Breaking Promises

Promises are a professional expectation which is why not keeping them is unprofessional. Keeping promises like getting a job done at a certain time frame for example and then breaking it can cause problems for people who are expecting the promise to be fulfilled. Professionals do what they say they are going to do.

Don’t Share Knowledge

Your mind won’t be emptied if you share something that you know about the work to be done. Contrary to popular belief, information is not a limited resource. Knowledge should be thought as an ocean of facts not a stream of data. Sharing what you know could keep you one step of the competition.

Not Saying Thank You

Saying thank you is simple and shows good manners. This has been drilled to many of us since childhood but some people lose this courtesy when they grow up. Saying thank you communicates appreciation, gratitude and respect.

Putting Profit Ahead of Customers

There are people who need reminding that there is no business without customers. Selling defective products or advertising more than the product can do are examples of this kind of unprofessional behavior. If you put customers first, they will patronize your product and even recommend you to other people thereby growing your business.

Poor Communication

Nowadays we have email, text, cell phones and social media aside from the traditional telephone and letters. How is it that even with modern technology some people are still bad communicators? To do a job effectively, you need to communicate clearly to other people what you need done and how to do it properly. In this case, all working adults should take steps to improve or polish their communication skills.

Not Giving More

There are workers who do not give their jobs 100%. This is because many of them want to do what is easy. However, part of being an adult and a professional do what is best even if it is harder. If you collect 100% of your salary, you should also do 100% of your job.

Lying or Stealing

This is very unprofessional but countless people do this in their jobs every day. No matter how small or big it is, lying and stealing is wrong. Even if you’re just 5 minutes late but saying you were on time is already being unprofessional.

Negative Reaction to Criticism

Nobody is perfect so getting criticized is to be expected at work. However, there are people who have thin skin or react negatively even to constructive criticism. When delivered correctly, criticism helps to correct bad behavior or unprofessionalism. Think of them as challenges you need to conquer so that you can improve.


It is often disappointing to learn that a colleague got promoted based on who they know rather than merit. Putting you or your friend’s interest ahead of the organization’s can result in poor results and decisions. Being professional means doing what is right so rely on skills and reputation to advance your career.

Sometimes professional behavior means doing what you do not want to do. It requires maturity, self awareness and integrity.

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Why Amazon’s Second HQ Should Choose Nashville



Amazon's Second HQ

Nashville is amongst 20 cities being considered for Amazon’s second headquarters site. The “Country Music Capital of the World” hopes to boost their state’s job market with the new Amazon Headquarters. Amazon’s second HQ expects to invest more than $5 billion to build the 8-million-square-foot facility and promises to create as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs over the next 15 years. Before any decisions are made, the company created specific requirements to be met for each city. Some of the requirements include a metropolitan area with over a million people, a time distance of 45 minutes from an international airport, direct access to public transportation, and to be able to expand 8 million square feet in the next decade.

The Unemployment rate is on the rise in Nashville. City officials have their sights set on the on the jobs that Amazon’s Second HQ will provide for 50,000 residents. “It is going to increase the size of the economy,” University of Tennessee Economist Bill Fox stated, “It is going to bring in a really highly skilled labor force that is not already there, a lot of community leaders. To have somebody with the worldwide vision of Amazon look at Nashville and say, ‘This is the place we want to be’ is really good for the brand.”

The aspect of new jobs may not be enough for some to welcome the online retailer with open arms. Residents of Nashville fear the new site would affect the housing market for low income families  in the process. “If you look at the size of Nashville, a headquarters like this bringing tens of thousands of jobs, it’s going to radically affect what the housing landscape looks like,” said Javier Vivas,’s director of economic research. Amazon’s decision creates an atmosphere for the conservation of gentrification not only for Nashville, but the other 19 cities in the running. “We have a housing crisis now and all this would do is throw gasoline on the fire,” said John Summers, a former Metro Council member who now leads the Coalition for Nashville Neighborhoods. “We cannot build affordable housing to replace what’s being lost by the rapid gentrification in all of our inner-city neighborhoods.”

The community of Nashville are now able to broadcast their opinions on Amazon. While state officials deal with the financial benefits, agencies and businesses within Nashville are now able to give insight on their city as well. This is why Amazon’s second HQ should choose Nashville.

If you are an agency from Nashville, and wish to contribute, please fill out this form here:

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Why Amazon’s Second Headquarters Should Choose Northern Virginia



Amazon’s second headquarters

Among the top 20 shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters, Northern, Virginia is not a stranger to the massive tech company. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have frequently conducted business in the region. Bezos is known to own The Washington Post and Amazon’s cloud service AWS is situated in a huge data center in the northern Virginia region. It is no surprise that Northern, VA is listed on the list. This region proved to be a safe home for Bezos’ businesses, it would only make sense that Northern, VA is the next home for HQ2.

While the nation waits for the announcements of Amazon’s second headquarters, speculations rise as Amazon employees crowd The local news-source for Arlington Virginia have reported major traffic from an internal Amazon site. The article reporting the county’s green building council had received over 6,000 page views and 3,500 visitors from an Amazon web page that is only visible to Amazon employees. Amazon’s interest in the community’s dedication to sustainability is predicted to help the company’s future development of a sustainable building of their own.

The area is surrounded by copious international airports including Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, and Richmond International Airport for Amazon’s consideration  of transportation. The bid for Amazon had reports of the Hub property as a potential site for Amazon’s second headquarters. This 85-acre undeveloped location is near the Dulles Airport, perfect for Amazon’s demands.

Amazon’s second headquarters

Amazon announced that they are developing a second headquarter of up to 8 million square feet in order to accommodate 50,000 workers. The plan to bring in 50,000 lucrative jobs to the new location will create billions of dollars in investment for the community. This opportunity for economic expansion does not come often, but neither does a perfect business location in Northern Virginia that is close to Bezos’ other businesses.

A possible site for Amazon’s second headquarters is on the border of Fairfax and Loudoun counties along Metro’s Silver Line. “We are very excited that Northern Virginia is included on the short list as a potential location for Amazon’s second headquarters,” spoke the chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova. “Fairfax and Loudoun counties are able to offer a great quality of life coupled with an innovative and business friendly culture for future Amazon corporate neighbors and employees. With our highly educated and talented workforce and a location close to Dulles International Airport and a new Silver Line train station, we hope we will have the opportunity to welcome Amazon HQ2 to Virginia.”

Small businesses and agencies within Virginia are able share their professional insight to Amazon now as well. This is why Amazon HQ2 Should Choose Virginia.

If you are an agency from Virginia, and wish to contribute, please fill out this form here:

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Why The Second Amazon Headquarters Should Choose Toronto



Second Amazon Headquarters

Amazon is considering their first international city for their second Amazon headquarters. The bids for HQ2 have reached Mexican regions too but the tech company have their eyes on Toronto. Prior to this announcement, Toronto has been established as a major technology center. Their advancement will only grow from here, perhaps even more when Amazon arrives.

The city reported that they are not offering Amazon much financial incentives, but is offering a 100-acre land as a potential site for their second Amazon headquarters that is approximately close to downtown Toronto. Although this site is outside of the United States border, Toronto is the best option for the innovative company.

The mayor of Toronto, John Troy expressed how proud he was of the city when Toronto attracted Amazon without offering significant tax breaks. Toronto does not have to resort to selling themselves for the second Amazon headquarters, unlike other competitors on the top 20 shortlist. Toronto is already home to a significant Google engineering operation, a major artificial research center and quantum computing institute. Due to the massive influence in technology, there are plans to direct Toronto’s waterfront into a massive tech-city for the near future. This environment will foster Amazon and future companies moving to Toronto.

 Second Amazon Headquarters

The second Amazon headquarters require proximity to a metropolitan area with a large population for employment, mass transit, an area that is 45 minutes from an international airport, and an 8-million-square-foot facility that will eventually expand to 740,000 square metres over the next decade. Toronto would be an ideal location to attract talent from overseas. This move will put Amazon’s name outside of the United States and begin their serious international affairs. North America acknowledged the massive tech company’s capability when Jeff Bezos was announced as the richest man alive in 2017. After Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dethrones Bill Gates, the entrepreneur should look to invest in talent from overseas. This plan can start with a move to Toronto for the second Amazon headquarters.

Toronto holds a strong quality of life. Canada is notorious for their free healthcare, something that the United States is lacking. The affordable area is attractive to employees. “We’re excited to have this opportunity and to be able to tell Toronto’s unique story,” told John Troy. “There is no other place in North America that can boast the same talent, the same quality of life, the same vibrancy, the same economic strength.”

Small businesses and agencies within Toronto are able share their professional insight to Amazon now as well. This is why Amazon HQ2 Should Choose Toronto.

If you are an agency from Toronto, and wish to contribute, please fill out this form here:

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