UP Conference In Camden Welcomed Investors And Startups


Camden was the place to be this past weekend. Packed with startups, CEO’s, and industry leaders, the UP Conference showed a glimpse of the future of Camden, now dubbed City Invincible. Only a few blocks away from the waterfront, with the breathtaking views of Philly’s skyline, the UP Conference was in full swing in the Camden Technology Center. The Camden based non-profit, Waterfront Ventures, hosted the event.

Attendees started piling in early in the morning with business cards in hand. Angels, venture capitalists, and startup founders showcased their expertise by sharing stories on how they were able to become influencers in their industry. With opening remarks from Melissa Alam of Femme and Fortune, each speaker was introduced to the stage including Marc Kramer of Angel Venture Fair, Chad Stender of SeventySix Capital, Robert Moore of RJ Metrics, Ted Mann of Slyce, Katrina Naidas of Linked Noodle, and Melissa Schipke of Tassl. Adam Woods of Camden Printworks, one of the sponsors of the event, did a live demonstration of silk screening and gave away t-shirts with the words “City Invincible” to attendees.

The event brought attention to the growth that is happening in Camden. The audience was diverse with a majority being millennials from the Philly and South Jersey areas. New coworking spaces, like Waterfront Lab on Market Street, are popping up throughout the city and quickly filling the slots with startups and small businesses. A happy hour at Cooper River Distillery was provided after the conference, where people were given a chance to unwind and chat with some of the speakers in a relaxed setting.

Reception to UP Conference was highly positive and beneficial for those in attendance.

“We met at least 4 potential investors, a potential corporate partner, a writer who is going to write a story on us, a couple of potential service providers and many other people who are enthusiastic about what we are doing. I will also be meeting with a recent college grad to help mentor them on their career and they will provide me with a sounding board (they worked at a VC firm as an intern).” – David Wagstaff of Alfrea

“It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Waterfront and the growing companies in the area. I certainly met many smart and nice people!” – Karen DeSantis of Karen DeSantis Marketing

Waterfront Ventures is at the forefront of bringing innovation and startups to this city. There are already rumors of a future event happening this Fall with the same goal of providing networking opportunities and presenting a new side to Camden, City Invincible. With the success of UP Conference, the rumored upcoming event will open doors for many who are looking to network and succeed in their aspirations.

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