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Working from home is a good option for people looking for better life-work balance. It is a good way to earn money without having to leave the comfort of your house. While freelancing is not for everybody and every kind of job, there are many people around the world who make good money working from home. However, it can be challenging especially if you have a family that’s also in the house while you’re working. You can think of freelancing as being a one-man corporation where you market, manage, create and sell your work. Freelancing does not have a one-size-fits-all formula, but there are ways you can make the most out of working from home.

Travel and Work

They say that life was not meant to be lived in one place, and many find this to be true. Exploring the world and learning about new cultures can be very exciting. But for many people, jobs and responsibilities keep them tied down to their desks for months or years at a time. With freelancing, you can take your work anywhere with you and telecommute allowing you to travel the world. Freelancers don’t have to worry about earning money because you can do it so long as you have a laptop and reliable internet connection.

Save Time With Right Apps/Software and Equipment

One of the best things about working from home is being able to use different kinds of software, apps and equipment to help you save time. Saving time means less time working and more time with the family, relaxing or having fun. For example, if your work needs you to post updates on various social media websites, there are software that you can use that simultaneously update different platforms so that you don’t need to log in one by one to inform your followers. There are also many different types of task schedulers to ensure that all your different work and errands get done on time.

It’s a Real Job

Treat freelancing as a real job. It does not mean to say that just because you work from home you can stay in your pajamas the whole day. Yes, nobody can see you but not “dressing” for work can make you complacent. When you’re dressed for the task ahead, your brain is pre-programmed for the task. Wearing real clothes makes you feel that you’re in the office and you’re ready to tackle the day’s requirements.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Many parents feel guilty leaving their children for long periods of time. Sometimes people also spend too much time at work they become stressed which leads to poor health. Freelancers can work whenever they want to and can schedule their work so that it does not interfere with their responsibilities at home. This improvement in life-work balance can lead to better job satisfaction and improved productivity. Simply put, freelancers are happier because they have better control over their work schedules.


Some jobs provide their clients with telecommuting opportunities. Telecommuting allows employees more time to spend at home for improved work-life balance. This is the same with freelancers. However, they need a platform where they can look for jobs that cater specifically to freelancers. Do some research to find out various websites and platform that allow freelancers to look for jobs. The more platforms you have access to, the more jobs you can choose from allowing you to continue earning and living as a freelancer.

Aside from knowing which sites to go to, learn which kinds of jobs earn more money. Some jobs like programming and software development have better hourly rates compared to content writing or data entry. Freelancers can learn new trades easily by learning online. If you think that you can earn better money by pursuing a different career path, you will not only learn a new skill but earn more money.

Freelancers can access a global market of employers looking for somebody to fill in their jobs. This is advantageous for people looking to learn about a new culture or make friends with people around the globe. Freelancing is not for everybody as it needs discipline to do a job a few feet away from your bed or the TV. However, it also has many benefits like those listed above.

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